The Steemit Monthly Author Challenge. 06/12/2018 (The best company)

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Greetings friends of steemit and active users in the challenge of the monthly author of Steemit. created by @future24, in which you have to publish a photograph that reflects an aspect of your daily life for a month. This interesting challenge allows us to share a small sample of the things we like.

The time I spend with my daughter is valuable to me, she is the only daughter I have and no matter how many toys she has, she is always bored of being alone, in those moments, she is looking for someone to hang out with, in most of the cases are my mother, my wife and I, she likes to draw and color, many times I do it with her, and that does not bore me, because I also like it, when she is not with me, one or two days, I feel I've spent an eternity without her.


The person responsible for this exciting challenge is the user @future24.

If you want to join this fun challenge, you can enter the following link HERE

Thanks for your visit, see you soon. @nicomax

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