📷 Steemit Monthly Author Challenge by @future24, February 2018 - Day 12!

Hello Steemians, as I already told you in the morning, today was a really great & sunny day here in Berlin and I had the chance to catch up some sun on my balcony too! 👍 😎



Rules of the Steemit Monthly Author Challenge:

  • Post 1 article with a photo of your life every day for one month and use the tag #monthlyauthorchallenge for this posts.

  • You don´t have to add a detailed describtion to your photo article and it can be a quick photo post with Steepshot for example too. (But don´t forget the #monthlyauthorchallenge tag!)

  • The photo of your life don´t has to be up-to-date, but not older than 1 year, or you can also choose a photo of your childhood.

  • To make it more comfortable for everyone, you don´t have to nominate someone for the challenge every day in your daily post. Nominating is voluntary, but to share this fun, I would suggest to nominate some other Steemians from time to time, so that you can do this funny challenge together.

  • Your challenge ends when you reached the Monthy Author badget on steemitboard.com and then just make a final post that you finished the challenge. Info: The period for the Monthly Author Badget is always from the first of a calendar month until the last day of this month. 👌

That´s it, just have fun and if you like, share this challenge too and let´s become Monthly Authors everyone - Steem On!

Here you can find my start article of this challenge with more information: ✨ Steemit Challenge Idea: The Monthly Author Badget Challenge! ✨

I don´t want to nominate a single person, because everyone is invited to join this challenge - Just have fun guys! If you haven´t joined so far and you want to achieve the Monthly Author Badget too, just start with the #monthlyauthorchallenge at the first day of a new month.

Some people who already accepted the Monthly Author Challenge too:

And more, checkout the Tag #monthlyauthorchallenge!

Steemit Monthly Author Challenge
Monthly Author Challenge Logo by @amrumk.

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

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Badgets by steemitboard.com - Thanks to @arcange!

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Chillig Bro.

A great post for a great day.

Quite sunny indeed, but I guess your sunglasses were able to live up to it function.
Wow! Ther's such a massive building in the background, is it residential or some office complex?


Hi @kevaton, yes the building in the background is a residential building. 👍

Great view from the window, that's just why you have a torn shirt?

Великолепный вид с окна, вот только почему у Вас рваная футболка?


Hi @cranium! Haha, yes I have bought the shirt like this, it´s style. ;) 😎

Good work done and nicely clicked and addon effect of this picture is that architectural building in background, that architectural building is really beautiful and huge and reflecting the nice essence. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Stay Blessed.


Thank you @chireerocks and greetings from Berlin! 👍


Welcome and thank you. 🙂

You are looking so fresh here Boss!


Thanks @angryboy and enjoy your evening! 👊

I hope you had a nice day. <3
Amazing Pic <3


waw really amazing beach scene of your place, I like


Thanks @sufiyanaliiqbal and greetings from Berlin!

Nice picture man 👌👌👌👆


Thank you @mdraihanhkn! 👍

HIIT training has literally made all the difference in shr
edding the last layer .. dropped me from 12% - 8% ... awesome that you're so into this. I'm glad we got some fitnes
s fanatics who take it serious here! health is number one. Hey be sure to check out me and stellas new show :)

Great dear friend @ future24, enjoy the beautiful sun of your country
I wish you a great day

very nice photography buddies, hope you succeed in this #monthlyauthorchallenge, thank you for sharing information, i will upvote and resteem
very information

Great shot. Nice background. Enjoy Berlin.