📷 Steemit Monthly Author Challenge №5 by @future24 #29

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Today I continue my 5 month in the competition #monthlyauthorchallenge from @future24.In each city there are places that do not paint this city. Often, these places are near the railway stations. But, even in these, at first sight, ugly places there is some inner beauty and uniqueness.Сегодня я продолжаю свой 5 месяц в конкурсе #monthlyauthorchallenge от @future24. В каждом городе есть места, которые не красят этот город. Часто, эти места находятся возле железнодорожных вокзалов. Но, даже в этих, на первый взгляд, некрасивых местах есть какая-то внутреняя красота и неповторимость.

DSC_0014 (5).JPG

More detailed conditions of the contest can be found at the link - https://steemit.com/monthlyauthorchallenge/@future24/steemit-monthly-author-challenge-by-future24-february-2018-day-1

Более подробные условия конкурса можно узнать по ссылке - https://steemit.com/monthlyauthorchallenge/@future24/steemit-monthly-author-challenge-by-future24-february-2018-day-1

Appreciate life. Good luck to you.

Цените жизнь. Удачи Вам и добра.


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full vote nice post.


Thanks for the comment.

Спасибо за комментарий.

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I like your photo. The City is very beautiful! Goodluck!


Thanks for the comment.

Спасибо за комментарий.

Awesome looking city. Where exactly is this? The buildings in the background look amazing, and all the cranes in the background showing it’s going to be even larger soon enough. And there is plenty of uniqueness in this spot. Love it?


The city of Kiev, Ukraine.

Its cool.! I think i have to upvost this.
Its brings the nature