Steemit Monthly Author Challenge by @future24 Day 26!

in monthlyauthorchallenge •  2 years ago 

When I was in Czech Republick at first time, I had a chance to try a trdelnik. This is a roll-shaped bun with various tastes. This winter I was so excited to try a trdelnik with nutella and peanuts! Amazing taste! It goes perfect with tea or coffee. One of the tastiest buns I've ever tried!

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оці їхні курва невимолювані для нас димунутиви типу СМРтічка, чи шось того роду.... - то є шось😈
TRDelnik - ще одне класне слово. кароч , треба спробувати))))

Я ще чула варіант Трдло))) спробуй, прикольна булочка)

that looks so delicious plus you look so cute and happy in this pic :)

it's delicious!:)

good to know ahah

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