Plans, goals ||| The first day

You can write plans.
In fact, it's a favorite thing to count the days.
Day one, day two.

Promotion of Yana Astakhova
Help people concentrate / determine their business.
Do you need to write the next step?
Or what I went on. Or in what I can advance.
So that you can somehow navigate in advance.

The next step is to wait for the page to be created.
Then - this is 50/100 friends show her page.
Then - the sources of traffic (advertising).

Speeches (kahon), non-theater.
Exercise exercise with a hood.
Make a promo.

Moneyclub - 20 sources of income under ~ 10% per month, the goal is $ 2000 in 20 sources, so that the income was $ 200 + per month

Hog; Alexey, Lily.


6, search, communication

Mode, body, work, ....
And this is in a state here and now, gratitude, joy from the lows, pacification.

Somehow it is not particularly possible to write goals, focus on goals.
It is necessary to communicate more.
What kind of goal do I have? What idea?
Why all this?

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Post without photos ?!


С фото все же привлекательней


У тебя почти все посты с фото

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Что нового в планах?

Как сейчас дела?