My Monster Raffle 3 contribution ***Updated***

Here is an updated list with my 2 prize contributions.

1st Prize

First up we have the 1oz American Flag bar with 3 90% silver dimes. Estimated melt value in today's price is over $18. With premiums around $25.


2nd Prize

This one is a little better than the first. It comes with a Morgan Dollar, Walking Liberty Half, Barber Quarter and Barber Dime. The melt value of this 90% pack is around $20. If you look on Apmex the Morgan dollar alone is selling for $31 in VG/VF. This Murica pack should have a value of close to $50.


What are you waiting for???

Get your Monster Raffle 3 tickets now!!!! 1 SBD each sent to @ssg-community with MR3 in the Memo. Open to anyone on the platform. For more information please see this post. Monster Raffle 3.0. You can also see a list of the prizes by using the tag #monsterrafflethree.

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Like a motherfucking Boss vg!


MR3 will be the best yet!!! Now I need more tickets. LOL

Dang that Morgan looks good VG!

I tried to pick out a pretty one. This one should fit the bill. Someone should be happy when they get it.

Hi, @vgholdingsllc!

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yeah I'd way prefer the 2nd prize :D I don't have any barbers of any quality.

Join in on the fun. The raffle is open to anyone and shipping is free worldwide. Tickets are 1SBD each and there is a ton of great prizes @sugarfix.

Haha - you haven't seen my steemit wallet - not a pretty sight

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