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Here are my 2 donations for Monster Raffle 4 plus a small description of each coin. (Two separate prices please!)

Donation 1 Proof Kookaburra 1 Oz pure silver

Proof 1 ounce Kookaburra 2015 special limited edition Berlin Money Fair (market value 75 USD)
The coin comes in the original packaging with certificate.

Donation 2 Germania Runen coin 1,35 Oz pure silver

Germania Runencoin 1,35 ounce of silver in Original box. (shop price 70 EUR)

A coin with a piece of real Viking history engraved in it as in the stone with runen found in North Germany. A coin very attractive for German steemers. Limited mintage coin 2000. German explanation printed on box. Proof coin.


Dang, it! I was going to hold off on the raffle to get steemit rounds, but that rune round!!! 😮😮😍😍😍

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Who said it was an either/or situation ;)

You don't really need that second kidney, do you ?

Amazing offer! As I already have the Kookaburra (MR3), my eyes are on the Runen coin. They say that lighnining does not come to the same place twice, but maybe I will be hit again. :=)

Great pieces @goldrooster! And indeed very generous — some lucky steemians are going to flip out 😜👍👍

Oh wow, those are nice @goldrooster! Who ever wins one of those will be very, very happy.

Excellent contributions! Thank you!

Wow, very nice ones! For a moment, I thought you were donating the 1kg Kookaburra!

That German runen coin is a beauty @goldrooster. Thanks for tossing in some stuff that we don't see in the States.

Very Generous, Good Stuff @goldrooster

You are a kookielover I know!

Wow, that's very generous!

Runes... begins salivating

Awesome donations mate !

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Beautiful coins! I hope I win one.

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