My Monster Hunter History!

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The Monster Hunter Franchise is around for quite some time now, fist appearing on the Playstation 2 to latter be moved for Nintendo's machines, the franchise was a hit on japan, becoming the most successful hunting game of all times, so many years later this Capcom title is coming to new platforms with new graphics, after the Tecent QQ enterprises made the first Monster Hunter with amazing graphics was time to the main franchise get a similar treatment!

Look a this picture, that is a screen shot from Monster Hunter Online, only available on Chinese servers for now!

Capcom is aiming on the ocidental players with this new game to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, a pretty danm good move, a lot of new mechanics was introduced to this new title a lot of them are just a lot more easy and quick, letting the game more fluid and quicker what is a great improvement from older titles that was filled with little quirks that a player need to get used to before master!

If Capcom will get the interest or not from ocidental players that is something that we'll need to wait and see for ourself, but so far the reaction from this side of the planet seems pretty good, and I'm happy with it!

In just 2 days we'll be able to play, and I will haply, for now I'll stick with older titles or with the most famous one the Frontier, you know let me tell you a little about of Monster Hunter Frontier and my history with this Hunting MMO!

Check this Monster Hunter World trailer first!

Monster Hunter Frontier introduced me to the Fandom!

I never had a Playstation 2, but i got a friend that had one, with him I played for the fist time Monster Hunter and I loved, my only bummer with that game was the combat system using the right stick to attack insted of using traditional buttons, few months after that fist time, we met Monster Hunter Frontier, the Corean server that was free.

We made a Nexon account with the help of some persons, just after that we started to play and was a magical experience, I was introduced to fandom by that game, the Brazilian and the American one, there I made a great friend, until the doomsday came, the Corean server was shut down, then the only option left to me was to join the Japanese server but then came another problem, it was locked not just behind a IP block but also had a Monthly fee, that destroyed my love for Monster Hunter at that time my family didn't had any conditions to give me a console who had any game of the franchise so I steeped away from the fandom, and happens that I forgot this franchise existence.

Give a look on Monster Hunter Frontier is a great game with Monthly fee and IP Block...

Link: Monster Hunter Frontier!

In 2012, years latter, I got a Nintendo WII, just in the end of his life cycle, with that Console came Monster Hunter 3 Tri and I was pulled right back, it was beautiful the graphics was better, the gameplay was amazing, that game meant a lot to me, thanks to that game I got back into the fandom, a year after I was going to a a great event, the Campus Party Brasil, upon my announcement that I was going there that friend that made in the fandom thanks to Monster Hunter Frontier contacted me he was also going to be there.

The day came, and I finally met him in person, I got a really great friend, there in that event he introduced me to a lot o people, people that now I care a lot about, new friends that I made for a life!

Haply after that I decided, never again I'll steep back from something that I love, who knows what is going to happen, now thanks to that person I am far more happy and fulfilled, now I am surrounded that people that I like and make me happy, and was all thanks to Monster Hunter!

So remember never forget something that you like!

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