Monster-Raffle 2nd donation #MR4

s-l400 (2).jpg


Haven't had this little lady for long.

Thinking she may be better suited for a good cause than hidden away in a dusty drawer.

She may bring in a few more entries as well.

This is my second donation for the

10 ounces pure. Britannia with waves in the background.

You can win it just for 1 SBD sent to

The more tickets you purchase the more chances you have to win.

Get a few chances for you and purchase a few chances for your favorite Silver Stacker as well.




Holy hell @naltedtirt that’s a beauty! 🤩🤩🤩
Thank you for generous support of ssg

I have heard LOTS if good things about you sir. Thanks for stopping by!!


Holy crap dude..... i need to win both of your donations. My god that’s sweet....💣💣💣💣

You have more than 1 ticket...maybe you will win both??

You are amazing!! You are the generous one with the tippies!!! Thanks so very much!!

Thank you my friend!!


Are you kidding me!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! You are so generous!!!!
That thing is insane. Ohhhh I think I might want this more than the buffalo grin @dfinney 😂😂😂😂

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It would look great on a mantle right beside a family portrait.

When you first showed me this I thought... OMG... This time I feel The same way... Holy.... 😜 Badass... Want this.... Lol
Awsome raffle gift my friend.... Someone is going to be a Lucky person... ❤️

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Hope you are the lucky one to win it. I am the lucky one for knowing you.

Awww... Then we are two lucky people 🤗🤗🤗🌹

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Got to get me some more tickets now! (Goldrooster here)

The raffle is coming up fast. Thanks for telling me who you are. I have heard "power nap" but would not have connected you.

That is lovely! Would be a fabulous piece for someone to win! Goddess Power! 🙌 Thanks for this exciting donation to Monster Raffle 4! 😃

Are you going to be the one that wins it? Goddess Power

Another gorgeous prize! I'm starting to dream about this raffle now 😂

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Will be a raffle to remember.

Holy smokes, a 10oz bar.... I got it added to the list, I will just pencil in my name as the winner, don't worry!

Sounds like a plan. Anything else you are penciling in?

Summertooths 6oz chuncky bar, your Swiss of America round, the MK bar, the Privateer, VG's wood pour... you know, most of the list !!

Good choices!!

Good choices!!

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