MonoMad Photo Contest Week 4 - Abstract - Entry #3

in monomad •  2 years ago  (edited)


Canon PowerShot 60 SX

See: MonoMad Photo Contest Week 4 - Abstract


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Congrats, today I featured your pictures with an upvote and a resteem!

Tag your photography with #ph1 for a chance to be featured!

Thank you very much. :)

Great work! I think I know what it is, but do we have to guess?

Oh yes!! Please guess. That can be another part of the contest. :)

As soon as I posted I knew I would regret doing so! I think it's hair, but not real hair. But it could be a plant too. Or something else. Can you at some point reveal the secret?

It is this very strange little golden flower that looks like a shaggy mop muppet. I'll see if I can find its name. My friend grows them in her garden. LOL thanks for the element of mystery.

So it looks like 'not real hair' and is a 'plant' - I think I covered all possibilities and should win the prize! Glad to brighten your day like you brightened mine!

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