Monomad - End of Summer

in monomad •  7 months ago

IMG_1942 (1).jpg

The dry, summer in California has dried out the grass on the golden hills. Here are some photos in black and white of some plants I previously photographed. The plants had small white blooms in the early summer. Now all is brown and crispy.

IMG_1944 (1).jpg

IMG_1947 (1).jpg

Here is the second photo in its original golden brown.


Here is a photo from early this summer showing the white blooms.

Dublin, California. September 2018 (with one photo from May). All photos original

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It is cool to see the difference!

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Thanks @chesatochi I think maybe I like the regular color one best :)

black&white photos def create the special atmosphere, special mood. I am so sad that the summer is over. I love the sun and long summer days on the beach, but time flies and now it's time to unpack snowboarding equipment and get prepaid for the mountains!


Thanks @kuklamasha Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler :)

Summer is slowly going away from us here in Michigan too, and chilly weather is creeping in now :-( Monochrome photos create a dramatic feel to them.


Thanks @icybc. Getting chilly at night here. Crazy 90F day here yesterday

Great pictures....
Wish I could send some rain....


Rain will come eventually. It is a long wait this time of year :)


I'd be doing a rain dance...

Why does summer have to end :(


Because God is a vengeful God... lol ok thats probably not it