Monomad: Handsome Pair Of Horses

in monomad •  2 months ago 

My entry to #monomad hosted by @monochromes is two beautiful horse in black n’ white.


These horses were in a pasture along with other horses and I thought they made a nice picture the way they stood together.

The same horses in sepiatone.


I like black n’ white and sepia tone as it gives a feeling of timeless to the photo and show a mystery and depth not always present in a variety of colors.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6

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Very nice and so true life is better in black and white and sometimes in sepia 😉

Thanks @brittandjosie. I’m glad you like them. 😊

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@redheadpei Beautiful pictures but the 2 extra legs have me stumped if there was another horse behind it shouldn't there be 4 extra legs?

Haha, must be from the circus- 6 legged horse. Seriously, there is another horse behind the one. 🐴

@redheadpei what threw me was the legs looked like the horse was facing the camera but it must be standing the same direction.

Yes, there was a horse facing the same direction. Those must be the front legs.

Horses are many hardworking animals. beautiful photography .thanks for share.

Thanks @shuvo. 😊 🐎 I

Both photos are lovely Redheadpei. Horses are such beautiful powerful animals.

Beautiful monochromes, @redheadpei!

Thanks Jayna! 😊 🐎

This time the black and white packs more power, beautiful horses! I love those two extra legs.

Thanks @owasco. Those 2 extra legs do look funny. 😂

I think I love both versions but maybe the black and white just a little more!! Great photos Jo and good luck in the contest!! 🙂 💞

Thanks Dee. I happy you like them. 💗 🐴

You are very welcome Jo!! 🤗 🙂

Nice monomad handsome pair Of Horses photography.

Both are excellent pictures my friend.
Good luck in the challenge.

Both are excellent
Pictures my friend. Good luck in
The challenge. Blessings!

                 - papilloncharity

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Great shot!

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Beautiful animals!