MONOMAD PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Tuesday Street entry for 03-13-18

in monomad •  7 months ago

Street performers are common in Santa Cruz. Some play music. Some juggle. Some do the bronze statue thing. This was the only street poet. He had his old typewriter and little squares of paper. For a donation he would pound out a little four line poem on the spot for you.


For more on the Monomad Photographic Challenge see @brumest's blog feed.

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I couldn't resist - it was just too perfect 😜


Antique typewriter at 2nd hand store - $20 bucks

Having the perfect meme - Priceless


I told you it was perfect! And now that the hilarity has subsided, I'll just say one thing... there is something cool about using a typewriter and the effect it can produce, the text definitely has much more character than 'sterile' computer text. However I just haven't taken it to the level of bringing it to the park with me. Although hey, Tablets and Phones can be pretty distracting, so maybe these 'hipsters' are really on to something! 😉