Vintage Skyscraper • Monomad

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Vintage Skyscraper • Monomad

I found nice lines on this Art Deco skyscraper on a sunny day last month. They sure put some bricklayers to work here. It must have been daunting coming to work on the first day knowing how many bricks had to be laid and how high they had to go!

Skyscraper.jpg enlarge

Color Lab


skyscraper copper.jpg


Skyscraper rose.jpg


Skyscraper blue.jpg

I photographed the skyscraper with my iPhone 6S Plus.

Thank you @brumest for creating the Monomad Photo Contest!


Thanks for the art @overkillcoin... minnows, dolphins, whales... I’m down with squid!

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Great photograph @otage. I keep meaning to try a shot like this but there isn't much opportunity where I live and then when I'm in another city I forget. 😊

I like the blue one the best.



Love it in B&W! Well done!


Thank you!

Lovely! Are you using a filter app, or what's your post-processing? Really like the blue one. :)


Hey thanks. I'm using a vintage copy of Photoshop CS3 and manually editing in layer styles. For the blue one I used color overlay then selected the shade of blue I wanted with blend mode "soft light" and opacity set at 100%.

Below is the layer style window. Sometimes with brighter colors I will have to toggle down the color opacity.

Layer Style Window.jpg

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