After the fire

in monomad •  5 months ago

Tiny little white flowers in among the burnt grass stalks.

anthericum fasciculatum4.jpg

Push it hard enough and you can even get bokeh out of a Samsung smartphone

anthericum fasciculatum.jpg

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wow looking so beauty full like tiny star and your photography and determination is great. welldone


Thank you

They are nice. Beauty in the ruff.


I think so

Very pretty! Interesting "magic" of nature how some plants actually need a fire to thrive, or at least benefit from fire. Around here we have a purple wildflower/weed literally called "fireweed" that's always the first to sprout and grown in scorched areas.



All plants that grow in grasslands here are fire-adapted in some way. In fact, not having fires every couple of years degrades the ecosystem

Beautiful photos!
Strength and desire for life!
Nature is mysterious!


Spring is amazing in such a dry environment

Amazing to see how nature can rejuvenate itself. Thats a very pretty flower.


I really like the tiny little flowers that you will miss if you don't look closely. They need the space that fire creates

Looks like the little onionweed we have here.


Most of these are underground bulbs and the flowers are similar, too