Monomad Friday with a beautiful Dalia flower from my garden.

in monomad •  2 years ago 

Hello Friends & Followers,
Today i am going to participate 2nd time in #monomad(Friday Flower) & this post is dedicated to @drumest and sponsored by @mywell.

Today i am presents a beautiful Mono Flower photography and this flower name is "Dalia".


I use canon 1300d and lenses such as 50mm,18-55 , 55-250 & 85mm to shoot this photographs.

I would like to thanks those people are voting me and also encourage me by giving their valuable comments on my previous post in #monomad & other blogs.
If You Like My Photography Please Follow Me For More @mywell .
Love you friends & followers.

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Nice click..

Thanks alot @nazrulpolash

Could you upvote ,follow and resteem me I will do same