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 The name of this art photograph is: " TREE IN MIST "

  1/400;    F/4.5   ISO 100  29mm

 At dawn, nature is beautiful. Especially when mist covers everything around. The air is clean and cool. In the distance, the silhouettes of trees are barely visible. I walk slowly, enjoying the silence. 

 The landscape is fabulous! A lonely tree in the fog is mysterious and fascinating.

  1/200;    F/5   ISO 100  40mm

Having made a couple of photos, I could not believe my eyes. The branches were adorned with delicate cobwebs with wonderful beads of dew. Incredible! They glowed in dim light, like a necklace. 

 I love these moments! They are so inspiring. 

Enjoy watching. With tender feelings, @mariya-lorenz  

  • Category  monomad 
  • Settings  1/200;    F/3.5   ISO 100
  • Focal length 18 mm
  • Flash without flash
  • Camera Canon EOS 650D
  • Lens   Canon EF-S18-55mm
  • Processing  Adobe Photoshop CS 6

All photos and text published in this message are my original work.

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Thank you very much!

Absolutely incredible photograph, @mariya-lorenz.

Thanks @thenobleone I'm glad you liked it.

Simply beautiful, I miss early morning walks nowadays, especially in a bit colder period of year.

Love the photos.

I wish you beautiful sunrises and wonderful rest.

Hi mariya-lorenz,

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Thank you very much!

hi @ mariya-lorenz
what a magical sunrise !! nature always gives us great inspiration for our photographs, and you are so good at capturing the soul of the moment, with a surreal atmosphere and profound sweetness.
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

Agree with you. Nature is amazing and diverse. She is part of our soul, so we are closely associated with her.
Thanks for the congratulations, always happy to see you.

Oh my god, the cobweb picture with dew, I have never anything like this in school books or television. I could not think about cobwebs being wet for a moment ever. That looks magical, amazinggg. Loved it.

thanks for sharing :) and congrats on your curie vote:)

Thank you for your congratulations. Network with dew is magic! You noticed correctly. In fact, it looks even more beautiful. The main thing to catch the moment when nature wakes up and gives such amazing pictures.

Yeah seriously that is really something.

Hi there @mariya-lorenz!

Amazing shots of the morning mist and that tree! You had truly captured it perfectly. Good thing you had captured it despite the strong fog that lingers around. And I agree your shot is a bit mysterious looking haha.. kinda scary too.

Congrats on your curie love. Cheers! ❤

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Thank you for your congratulations. I love the misty dawn. In that
The moment you can get a lot of emotion. And yes, when you look away a little scary. The brain comes up with anything :)

Haha yes anything can happen in our brain.. but really i love your morning shots!

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You have definitely captured some great photographs in the mist. I love how the spider webs stand out as the dew sits on them. A solitary tree on its own in the mist will stand out and you have done well highlighting the eeriness.

Thank you! Mist is a great artist. With it, you can get great photos.

Well yours are a prime example of the mastery at work.

I love mist and also love misty photographs although it's not easy to shoot misty photos. I live in an area where we have just a few misty days a year, last year I was able to photograph some on a single day, that's it.
This photo shoot on the other hand is amazing. A three in the mist is always fascinating and the spider web with the water drops are amazing.
I know a photograph who has waited six years to get a photo like this, exactly this scene, a three in the mist. Well done!

Thank you @erikah I will rest in these places. I do a photo session of a foggy morning. This has already become my hobby. I return to these places every year. Wishing you great pics with fog.

Glad to hear that, and I can see this as a hobby myself. Good luck with the photos, make the most of it.