📷 Monomad Wednesday Abstract- "Mirrors" by @lichtblick 📷

in monomad •  last year

Hello dear Steemians

Maroccian Mirrors

Here is my entry for the monomad abstract challenge by @brumest.  

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing 

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Schönes Pic, mit seinen ganz eigenen Charme! Pinne ich gleich an meine Wand :-)

Diese gefallen mir sehr sogar. Tolle Formen, lieber @lichtblick

Oh, das sieht so schön 'artistisch-verwunchen' aus! 😃 Und ich glaube, dass du da ein perfektes Bild für Schwarz/Weiß ausgesucht hast.

Excellent you photography ..I impress see this

Beautiful photo. In this there is an ancient magical spirit.

Amazing photography

Pure simplicity.. Wooden frames are amazing.. This is pure architecture might be simple to eye but it's difficult

really great photography...thanks for sharing

Sehr schön

Wow..wonderful art..amazing photography..i appreciate this life...

this one is great looking in b&w.

Mysterious and unusual photo. Very is coming to this topic.

Interesting mirrors, they have quite a large frame. In black and white color looks good. If you do not know what it is, you can assume that this is a vintage watch with a mirrored lid

@lichtblick..........the perfect abstract photography,,,,,,,,,,,,,for contest.......i wish;; you will be winner..........

Mirrors can be intriguing. My great granddad used mirrors at the turn of the 20th century for his photography as he was a photographer. Your photo is a good representation of the abstract and I truly enjoyed it Thanks @lichtblick

Great photo! Keep it up!
I drew the flowers of your last posts. <3

interesting shot this looks so beautiful and nice :D

Sieht so aus als ob jeder Spiegel seine eigene Geschichte zu erzählen hätte. Tolles Foto!