📷 Monomad Wednesday Abstract- "Abstract Art In Treptower Park II " 📷

in #monomad2 years ago (edited)

Hello dear Steemians

More Art From The Park

Here is my entry for the monomad abstract challenge by @brumest. 

The sculpture has the name " The tall reclining one".

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 edited in b&w 

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your entry challenge always wonderfull.you always showing very excellent shots photography in your blog..thisblack and white photography obviously all time real and perfect.just awesome selecting creativity..my dear friend.. @lichtblick

The black and white picture contrast actually matches with the rock formation in the park.

hopefully be the winner.
what is the plaque?

The artwork title from the artist " The tall reclining one". Thank you.

Hidden Stonehenge in Berlin! Love it bro!

Hihi. Thank you bro :-)

Große Liegende, oder "der gefallene Stein ;-)))

Haha. Danke sehr :-)

looks very nice scenery, you must be very professional graphy photos, I am very amazed with you

Very impressive artworks...
Abstract art always challenging cause it makes us interpret every symbols in it...

Have a lovely day, dear @lichtblick, and thanks for sharing...☕🤗❤

Beautiful picture!

Exceptional content of abstract....

Truly your pictures are awesome..
You do great photography.
Thank you very much for sharing your photos with us..

the picture of black and white photography is amazing, I like your picture friend, I hope you always success yes, I will always support you.
I will upvote and restem

I don't have enough words to describe the beauty of these monomad photography @litchblick!!

seems to have a high historical value @lichtblick

Hey, @lichtblick your monomad photo is simply amazing.It was very good time to take pictures.

In your photography, you find a different language that is really great

very nice click you going well good keep it up

Good post this b&w photography @lichtblick amazing your post

it looks better in the black and white mode.

Hello @lichtblick

please follow and vote my account @haikalyone

Very nice photo friend!!! I like how you take the pictures! Regards

cool photography on sculpture.

Wonderfully done excellent clicks there by you so nice :)

seems to have a high historical value @lichtblick

It looks like this is a historic site..
Like 📷photography @lichtblick

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