📷 Monomad Friday Flower- "Beautiful Orchid In B&W" by @lichtblick 📷

in monomad •  11 months ago

Hello dear Steemians

Flowers Without Colors

Here is my entry for the monomad flowers challenge by @brumest.  

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 edited in b&w 

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Beautiful flowers💐

Sehr schöne Bilder mit dem Farben B& W. Das volle Gegenteil was uns heute mit den Farben FestHoli passiert ist.

Flowers even in the B&W looks magical.

My work Different type


waauuuu very beautiful friend

Wow its really beautiful flower photography. Keep it up. Best of luck for future.

That piece of plastic is intriguing 😐

Flowers are Always Good no matter how condition is it with colors or Without colors

Sir @lichtblick

Flowers are Symbol love of life.

That's my garden flowers pic sir

How is it ? @sir IMG_20170118_141539.jpg

Awesome this flower photography....
i appreciate your post. best of luck...

Nice shot, the beauty of the flower so detailed

Flowers have a beautiful design,,, its still beautiful altough not havs a color,,, im sure, if the flowers have a color its make more beautiful,,, but im so proud of you, can share and make the people to see another side of flowers,,, you are so creative,,, thank you,,,

Flowers Without Colors are about beauty of shapes :)

beautiful flower

Wow..wonderful art..amazing photography..all the best..

Stunningly! Beautiful flower.

@ lichtblick ..................the orchid looking more beautiful with black and white......a very nice capture,,,,,,

very nice photography.
i appreciate your activity..

beautyfull photography

wow, this looks so great ,thank you for being organised


nice photography...

Can you be our guest on Steemit School live discord channel ? Thank you


If you have knowledge then you are one step ahead from others!

now flower friday will be post in black and white.

so nice...

Beautiful flowers in black and white

Excellent post thanks for sharing.

Nice flowers :)

Beautiful flower click it looks incredible to see :)