MonoMad Photographic Contest - Abstract - Twisted time

in monomad •  6 months ago

Here is my entry to #MonoMad contest hosted by @brumest. The original photo was taken of a wooden roof structure with an old wicker basket, then i distorted it in DPHDR. The result is really abstract, i think :)


The photos are original and taken with Panasonic FZ82.

#MonoMad photography contest by @brumest/@monochromes

  • Monday - Macro
  • Tuesday - Street
  • Wednesday - Abstract
  • Thursday - Animals
  • Friday - Flowers
  • Saturday - Silhouettes
  • Sunday - Skies

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I really do love it, it is so trippy and surreal. Good luck in the contest too!


Thank you dear Donna!

Amazing Abstraction! This photo deserves a victory

It is impressive how much the colors can give a hint about the content of photographs. We are lucky to be have this opportunity nowadays.

Agree with you @kalemandra, looks really abstract or as optical illusion. Cheers, @Stef1

I like very much fhotography you @kalemandra, so good post

Photography is very interesting, I like the angle you gave to the image, congratulations!