Monomad Girls

in monomad •  6 months ago 

Thought you embrace me, but I wish to be with you now, an element of tenderness in your room playing with your hair ... To be there, and to be with me floating on the moon only, in captivity of happiness without time - I touch my lips the pearl shoulder, and then continue their journey ... I kiss every finger, I do not stop, call me the lustful flesh, your breasts are enchanting ... My tongue slides along the nipples, describes circles, hangs with them, and you are a moan ... call your thighs ... and your moisture with a scent of sin call, yell and want ... And my lips find you, and they find, the hot blood in the veins crackles, and they ... stop again ... You moan wild, insatiable, you press me all the way open ... I'm ready now ... a moment to get in in your throat ... I look at you in the eye ... And stop the time! And it stopped! And I am in you ... and we are one ... I blast the passions in your naked body, and you blow me up ... to the atomic level ...

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