Feeling of a hug

in #monomad3 years ago

The fiery fire of love is an ice cream with a sensual spark! The lipstick on my lips is a tsunami with art rays! Dolphins dance dancing! Hats flee with grace! The honey clouds are laced of Time dove and radiant! Dandelion wine we sip and your hands weave sweetly! Our smiles are with ambrosia, our eyes are a wonderful melody! My chests are white swans! You flirting with them sparingly! Our thighs are interwoven in a splendid tide of attraction! We are laughing in our eyes! Careful stars are finely sleeping! Pirouette Waves Dance, you my lips you love! I feel your embrace, your kisses with a wild thrill, and your timbre speaks to me magically with human, sincere inspiration!

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