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I get you down! My hands are dancing on your body - white light, and the lips kiss or kiss your warmest creases in the flesh ... My tongue seeks and finds you, you respond with a tornado of longing, and your feminine flesh under my throbs - you're ready ... whatever I want you to give ... Give me no thought and do not ask where the path of passion leads me ... Just ask me, ask, ask, with all the essence of a woman! I embrace you and here ... I get in you ... call my name ... ask me ... say ... what do you want ... to hear it I want ... and know, I will make ... your dreams!
I do not even know I'm naked anymore ... Pain every bit of real! My flesh seemed to be stripped of the carcass and fire you kiss with lipstick. I throw away flames ... burn your tongue ... She rushes me with her playful dance! ... And they worship him ... the curves are worshiping in the impact-excited trance. We see no thought, nor do I hide obedience under your hard power ... Inside, you fill me ... and the element screaming in me that she wants more ... more ... Penetrate more and more ... I am thirsty! Tightening my thigh and taking passion ... Comfortable ... wet ... I'm losing the bumps the remnants of decent power. I love you wild - like last! Bury and cover the worlds - with breath on my lips ... I whole in erogenous - I dream to have you in me all the time !!!

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