Such a sad shot; but really captured it.

Thanks! What's important is that the photo makes you feel :)

Jajajaja, un poco serio y muy original tu fotografía amiga, encantado,saludos.

Si jaja algo seriesito. Saludos

Very interesting! Can I assume you were a stranger to these people? He definitely has a territorial look!

Hahaha well, I think his mom had just punished him for something so he was already a bit upset and obviously not happy I was taking a photo of this.

Oh now I see it! Regañadito!

beautiful shot, gaby ! i love the guy's glare, and the clarity and framing of this photo is also very appealing to me <3

Oh wow, I'm just seeing this! So lovely to have a comment from you @veryspider. Hugs!!!

Going through old galleries are like rereading a favourite book: every time you go through with more experienced eyes or in a different mindset you're struck by something different.

But it's obvious what the kid is thinking: "I wonder what aperture she is using?"

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Amiga he estado detallando tu trabajo fotográfico. Me parece genial. Tu talento para captar el alma con las imagenes es cautivador. Me gusta mucho la fotografia y admiro el carácter y la sensibilidad en cada imagen que vi. Eres muy buena. Felicitaciones. Estaré más pendiente...

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