Pencil vs Ladybug.

in monomad •  5 months ago 

I look at the shadow of fear in the opposite house how it grows and masks the unclear past falls slowly in front of me, this shadow mighty we did not have a splash of sight for her. Two floors with glass windows darkened and high places above the height of men, a heavy neck, and behind it stretched out the remainder grazed the ridiculous mistakes. Three companies come to support her, that he may at least not fall into the earth, and the skies above the wall rest, and so will live as a song sings a small man with non-originating money, no one sees him seeing, he does not even come, he does not stand outdoors. But I realized how slowly his madness creates. She does not speak naturally, she looks into a squalor, I do not ask for anything, the end comes differently. Build for the kids, perhaps with obstinacy a future life that ends tragically.

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