Monomad Selfie ; Last Day of The Semester Exam On Campus.

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Hi.. Good Night Steemian, How are you ??
Feeling tired in the chest seems to disappear, the burden and fear spread after the announcement passed the final exam. This is what I felt after leaving class at the final semester examination session.

I smiled a little when my friends greeted me, that's what I can give to those who sit around me in the open park near the campus.

I am pleased...!! Maybe sad, because I will go for a long vacation. But this is only temporary, only ten days but for me it seems difficult to leave them. That is the sadness I mean.

The vacation opportunities that I planned would be used to gather with my family, because almost every morning I left for a noble task. Thank you, your support is very valuable.

Enjoy..I'am Happy!!

Thank you in the hope you like it. #Followme. #Upvote. #Resteem. By @agnishikhaPhotography.


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Nice shoot, black and white photography is give a detailed effect of the subject you captured. Thats make you more beautiful @agnishikha.


Thanks ...!