Dresden in Winter for Monochrome Monday

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Monochrome Monday - Dresden Winter Weekend Trip

Today some black and white photography from a Winter trip to Dresden, was before our little one has been born, actually she was on her way that time. Dresden is a City in Saxony famous for their football club Dynamo and is full of historic monuments, museums and classic architecture. A lot of the old building have been rebuilt after WWII.

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klasse Post & sehr schöne Fotos. Daumen hoch :)

ach ich finde meine Stadt toll.....sehr schön Uwe.

jajaja .... Deine Stadt :) ... Dresden ist schon toll, ne

ich habe zumindest viele Jahre dort gelebt.....:-)

I like how you listed all the challenges out in your post :) Lots of avid photographers now have their week's schedule of posting brimming full :))

Beautiful buildings in your pics btw, somehow as I scrolled down, I felt the urge to see them in colour :)

Uwe, this is the Blue Monday version (I like yours more.)

Fantastic architecture, thanks for sharing! upvoted @roused

Wie hast du das denn hingekriegt?

Ich poste darüber und vielleicht kannst du es resteemen ;-)

aus dem edit B&W ein revert zum farbigen original wohl :-)? link me

I love the architecture of Dresden! What a fabulous city that is. Admittedly, I love the black and white of it and can almost not compare the color with it. Beautiful details!

Some Beautiful and incredible shots

Oh no don't remind me of winter in the middle of July! Hehe, cool photos though :)

How could anyone not upvote this awesome post . You got mine Uwe oh how lovely them city photos of them beautiful buildings turned out in monochrome. I dig the write up and may even join the challenge. We shall see bro! Sweet captures (Resteemed too :)

Very atmospheric, and I love the architecture too. Lends itself very well to black and white!

Tolle bilder!

awesome photos!!

I really like how the details were brought out and sharp!

Nice shots ! Black & white is so cool

Beautiful place and shots! It looks a lot like Prague in those pictures, but then again, Prague is very near to Dresden, I must have passed true it when I visited Prague.

Extremely beautiful photos @uwelang! Thank you for sharing!

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