Monochromemonday "Fancy Cars" by Sunscape

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carshow vintage cars 5.jpg

Sometimes a B&W photo can take you back in time. I decided to do that with these car photos from a car rally I went to last fall. It reminds me of when I was younger somehow.

cruize night red street sedan .jpg

vehiclephotography carshow.jpg

cruize night red firebird 1.jpg

#MonochromeMonday created by @old-guy-photos Be sure to drop your link in the weekly postings for all to enjoy.

Until next time, this is Sunscape...

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Good pictures dear Wanda. Have a wonderful week😊


Thanks, and you enjoy yours too!

Beauties, sure would have liked to see them in color. But that's just me :-)


I almost put them in, here you go Mike!

carshow vintage cars 5.jpgcruize night red street sedan .jpgcruize night red firebird 1.jpgvehiclephotography carshow.jpg


Wow.... now these would make a great post......

Fabulous black and white images @sunscape. Great quality and clarity. 🤗