Monochromemonday - My love for old cars!


photograph by @saffisara taken at Autoseum!

My passion for old cars!

Started when I was really young and we had a friend of the family that had alot of old cars.
He was really old and as a little girl I thought he was many 100 years old 😁 lol

He collected old cars and restored them, sold some but kept many that he loved.
One car that caught my heart looked exactly like this one in the picture.
I loved the old feeling and that we could sit across from each other, so I spended time smelling the leather and eating cookies in a car like this.
So when I visited Autoseum with my parents I had to capture this amazing wiew that brought back memories 😊 precious!


photograph by @saffisara taken at Autoseum!

Isn't this just a beautiful wiew? 😍 They sure have such character!


photograph by @saffisara taken at Autoseum!

For me all things with a history is interesting, and how things things were made back then and used... We can learn so much!


photograph by @saffisara taken at Autoseum!

They sure knew how to ride in style back then 😊




photograph by @saffisara taken at Autoseum!


Skoklosters Motor Museum was founded in 1963 by Rutger von Essen who was the last private owner at Skokloster castle.
After von Essen's death in 1977, Gunnar Wretner bought the museum, which after him was taken over by his son Thomas Wretner.
In 2007, Thomas Wretner decided to sell the collection.
It was bought by the businessmen Uno Levinsson, Torbjörn Wistrand and Håkan Mårtensson.

In June 2008, the Autoseum in Simrishamn was opened with the entire collection from Skoklosters Motor Museum intact except the engines that were sold further.
There are also vehicles from the Technical Museum, Nisse Nilsson Collection and some privately owned vehicles.
The Swedish Car Sports Exhibition contains 15 interesting racing cars.
The collection includes cars from Denmark, England, France, Sweden, Germany and the USA.
Among the oldest cars are a 1898 Voiturette from the Dansk Automobilefabrik and a model Type D Series B Voiturette 1898 from Renault. From the US comes a 1920s model Chrysler Locomobile. In the free area is a Saab 35 Dragon.

The Automuseum also had the so-called King's Curve car, a Cadillac V6 Imperial that in September 1946 ended up in a water-filled ditch on the Old Södertalje Road and gave the King's curve its name.
Together with Sparreholm's car museum, which has a similar Cadillac, both museums claimed that they owned the "right" King's Curve car.
In 2015, Automusem sold its copy to a private individual for SEK 325,000.

Source 👉 click here


I wrote a post about my trip to Autoseum a while back and if you like to read, even another memory reveals itself... Lol
A car at the Autoseum that my dad actually was thinking of renting for my Graduation 😁 lol
If you want you can read about it then all you have to do is to 👉 click here


photograph by @saffisara taken at Autoseum, and this is the car my dad had rented!

But this is the car I actually got for my Graduation, also from Autoseum but an older one and I loved it!


My dad thought I would prefer a car without roof, why he changed it to this one.
But I would NOT have said no to ride in the badass car my dad wanted... Lol


My dream car is a Ford Mustang 1966!


I always dreamed of having a Ford mustang, it was a dream at young age but still hasn't changed 😉
I love the beautiful shape and look on this model and even if the newer ones are gorgeous to... This just is my dream car 😁 lol

The first model of the Ford Mustang was launched in April 1964.
The strongest engine was initially a V8 of 260 cubic inches, but it was replaced during the model year by a larger V8 of 289 cubic inches. This 289 engine could be ordered with 2-port carburetor (190 hp) or as an option with 4-port carburetor of 210-225 hp, the sentences here separate.
289 with the 4-port carburetor went under the sales name "Challenger"

Source 👉 click here


That was my monochromemonday a wonderful tag by the amazing @old-guy-photos
and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for reading, and mabye you have a favorite car that you own or dream of too 😜 lol


Have a wonderful Monday peeps 😘

And don’t forget to be YOU!


Much Love Ya'll ❤️ Kisses 💋


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Ahhhh, yes. I dod a Free Write recently and I love it when I see the rusted old cars. You wonder who drove it there, the last time they drove it, or why it ened up there to begin with. Really cool picture!

I hear you there 😉 I love the rusted old cars to and the mystery behind it.. Lol
I would love to se that freewrite you made about it, I Will look and se if I can find it. I hope you are having a Great week and Thank you for your sweet comment. Much love 🤗🙏🌹

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Wow beautiful

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Thank you very much 😉🙏 means alot.
Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

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I love vintage cars too🥰🤗👌👍🙏

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They are pretty amazing right? 😁 Lol
Lots of things was so much cooler back in the old days... Lol

I hope you are having a wonderful week sweet @clitadias 🤗🌹❤️💋 much love

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Rats, I left my Flapper dress at the cleaners and my Tommygun is in the shop. So here's monochrome me.

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Well... Hello there @kerrislravenhill 😜👍
Looking good and ready for mission.... Mission being awsome 😁 lol
Love that pic of you my friend 😍 much love

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Thank you very much 🙏

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Really excellent work you have done. Old photos are always great. Old photos are always increases their smells. Great work you have done. And your monochrome effect. I have just spellbound.

Wow... Thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙏😊 means alot and made me smile bigtime.
It is fun with photography and edits and black&white is a favorite of mine.. Lol

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Cheers! 🌹

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very beautiful...

Thank you very much 😊🙏 appriciate it.
Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

Classic cars, much like classic rock, classic literature, and classic films, are considered better than their modern equivalents just 'cause the gauntlet of time has weeded all the shitty ones out. If any 1965 model year car is still out and driving around in any significant numbers, you know that it's a good car. If any 2015 model year car is out and driving around in any number, you just know that it sold a lot this year. Most of them (if not all) will be sold, broken down, scrapped, or crashed in two decades' time. There were a lot of really shitty cars made in 1965. It's just that we only have the good ones left.

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Thank you very much for your amazing comment and so True, if you se a old car on the road you sure knows its a good one 😉 there is just much more characters on old things than new ones.
I hope you are having a wonderful week. Cheers!

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