Monochrome Monday - The Wall

When I was much younger we used to climb this wall for fun. Every Monday I take my oldest daughter for swimming at the LC de Villiers sport centre at TUKS university. I still want to climb it when we're there. Even if it's just to prove to my kids (and mostly to myself) that I'm not completely 'over the wall' - pun intended.

The photo was taken with my iPhone 6



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This post made my smile...thanks

You are better than me I am too scared of heights.


So am I @stardust, but not enough to stop me.

Nice photo auntie @naomi.louise


Thanks uncle @rynow

Please mysweetheart not over the wall we will miss you very much LOL


I'm definitely not over the wall yet.

Must be hard to climb, but it's tempting to just go for it and try !! great pictures :D


It is, but it's worth it @alienposts. If ever get the chance - Go for it!

Good pictures I like monochrome did my very first one today. Thanks mike


By the way if you fancy it look at mine and give me marks out of 0-10 but be honest! Cheers mike


Saw the photo and liked it a lot!


Nice one cheers

That wall is quite high, 30 meters ? I used to climb one aswell in my hometown, I think that one is about 20 meters. Plenty of fun but it kills your forearms and really trains your grip.


Close enough. I think it's 28 meters. Agreed. It's a killer on the forearms, but that's just because we pull with our arms instead of push up with our legs.

Afraid of heights but I'll still climb


That's the spirit @rawpride. The little bit of fear I have for heights was never enough to stop me. Post a photo and your experience when you do.