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in monochromemonday •  4 months ago

I came across this outline in a car park and thought wow, how crime scene outlines have changed. In the old days they would just run a strip of white tape around the body outlines?

Crime scene!


As I was taking the photo a security guard asked me what I was doing? I told her.

"I'm shooting the crime scene"

I asked her what had happened and she gave me a very odd look?

Some people have no sense of humor :-)

Prickly customer relations


Have a great week folks. What weird stuff have you seen lately :-)

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LOL some people just have no sense of humor ;)

I think this proves rumors of LEGO gang wars are true


Ha ha I hadn't thought of that angle lol Lego turf wars!


LOl my mind goes to strange places :)

OMGosh! This was so funny, I nearly lost it. (asking the security guard, probably with a deadpan expression)

Well, this was my laugh for the day. I will be taking it home with me to snicker at later. ;)

Upped and Steemed


Ha ha you got it. I had a deadpan serious face all concerned and interested. I cracked up when she walked off baffled :-)
Thanks for the resteem Den.:-)


Haha! I can just see it! You are so bad and that still makes me laugh so hard. I'm evil, I know. ;)

You are so welcome. The pleasure is mine.

Wow what a world we are living in. Cant even photograph a crime scene LOL!


It's shocking I know ha ha

A lot of people have no sense of humor these days. I happen to have a twisted one though so I thought it was funny. :P


You've got to laugh. The alternative is not an option :-)

“Some people have no sense of humor…” And a preponderance of them are cops! 😜

Terrific photos – especially the second alien-looking one.


Or worse...mall cops ha ha!

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