Monochrome Monday – The Dizzy Grasshopper

We rode our bikes back from the park the other day and noticed this grasshopper clinging on to the bicycle chain socket for dear life. I took a quick picture and figured that it would jump off way before we got home.

Here’s the picture processed in GIMP using an Ilford XP2 Super film emulation:

Dizzy Grasshopper, using Ilford XP2 Super film simulation – click for viewing full screen

Here’s the original picture for comparison:

Dizzy Grasshopper original photo – click for viewing full screen

I liked the way the black and white showed off the texture of mechanical parts of the bicycle and made the grasshopper look out of place. I figured that adding a little color back to her would be appropriate.

I’d be looking pretty green too if I rode all that way moving around and around like that. Check out her eyes, that’s one confused and sick looking grasshopper, lol.

Dizzy Grasshopper combination – click for viewing full screen

When we stopped I gently removed the grasshopper from the bicycle and put it on the ground. Even with a bit of prodding with my finger the grasshopper didn’t really want to move but finally jumped a bit.

We figured the grasshopper would finds its way again once the world stopped spinning around. Maybe the grasshopper was having a grand old time like some young kid riding a roller coaster over and over again. Or maybe the fall weather and centrifugal force had left it too confused for action. Who knows?

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 10/8/2018 & weku/@litesplasher. Special thanks to @old-guy-photos for hosting monochromemonday.


wow... perfecr @lightsplasher

Beautiful insect the grasshoppers are @lightsplasher
You are so emphatic to creatures, I too had gone emphatic to them and value their lives no matter how insignificant they are because no one can bring them back if they are gone like other creatures who had gone extinct.

The big variety of creatures is very important to the system of things. It adds a lot of interest to nature when there is a variety there.

He probably felt like on of those gravity training things for pilots.

When looking at the head, do you see a face? I swaer I see eyes and a nose lol.

I like the detail in the mono shot.

Yes I thought I saw a face there too. Kind of cross-eyed looking. I think it must be some lighting effect or something. Mono really is fun to play around with for some images.

Here’s the picture processed in GIMP using an Ilford XP2 Super film emulation

Yeah. You've nicely fix and edited these photo captures. Totally amazing skill used. Great work.

Galaxy S9 phone camera is wonderful graphic. its really nice photography.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

hello, my friend @lightsplasher I really like how to compare original images with black and white images, it is very fun friends.

Thank you. There are so many ways of processing images. Sometimes it is hard to see if what you have done is an improvement or not. I like to show the original too just to see what the change brings and give some alternate views.

yes theme. if the selected mode does not match the image view, the image will be damaged.

the grasshopper wants to go around with you, but unfortunately he doesn't know where it should be, it really feels dizzy.

especially grasshoppers of this type are not too strong as small and hard grasshoppers.

I am very familiar with this type of grasshopper, when I go fishing I will catch some grasshoppers of this type to be used as fishing bait, to catch masheer fish
thank you @lightsplasher for sharing.

Thank you @longberry - the katydid (as I was correct by @adammillwardart) is an interesting bug to look at. I don't often run across bugs like this.

Ha! Poor dizzy guy!

Yup, had to sit it out for awhile after the experience but eventually hopped away.

That my friend is a katydid, not a grasshopper ;) I used to "collect" bugs as a kid and I had all sorts of identification books lol


Thanks for the correct identification! I wonder if that is why it stayed on for the ride. Seems like most grasshoppers would have jumped off as soon as the bike started moving. I thought it looked a bit different somehow.

Maybe he/she was having fun? Like an amusement park ride? lol

When did you go to Aceh, my dearest friend. I want to meet you

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grasshopper which is very unique, in the past many grasshoppers lived in my area but now it is very rare for me to find it.

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