Monochrome Monday – Sunday Sunrise and Disk Golfing

On Sunday morning the sunrise was looking very interesting. The fog was just right and the light going through the trees broke up into wonderful light patterns. It is hard to photograph this to give it the same really fun 3D effects that you could see in person. The black and white version shows off the trees and the distinct light pattern in the center. It almost looks like a person or something.

The sunrise casting light rays Sunday Morning, with Agfapan 100 film simulation – click for viewing full screen

Here’s the original in color to compare with. I like this version too but the black and white feels a little calmer to me.

Sunday surise, in full color – click for viewing full screen

This picture has a fun looking color enhancement. I think if I was doing it manually I would not have dialed up the color saturation that high – there are some banding effects in the sky that I don’t particularly like. I do like the look of the light rays in this one though. I suppose I could combine this with the original to reduce the color banding if I felt inclined.

Sunday Sunrise in Google Photos color – click for viewing full screen

Looks like a perfect day to do some disk golfing...

Sunday Disk Golfing Escapades

Nothing is as fun as spending a lot of time with my son sorting through all the disk golf disks at the store and talking about which ones might be better. My son picked up one of the disks and exclaimed, “This one should fly really overstable”

I took one look at it and liked it. It was one of the few 14 speed disks out there and felt a lot like my favorite disk in my hand. I favor really wide rims on a disk, they seem to be easier to throw for me. Most of my disks are pretty stable or understable so I need to throw them flat or with a bit of hyzer angle for maximum distance.

I thought it might be fun to try something different so I made an impulse buy and got the disk. It had a picture of the goose in flight on it with a broken egg under the goose. I kind of the thought the broken egg was interesting but a bit out to place.

We went to a brand new course that neither of us had played before. I fumbled around getting ready and my son went off and found the course map and took a picture of it. He was heading off toward the first tee when I wanted to see the map. He reluctantly lead me over to it. I looked at the map a bit but I’m rather slow on the uptake and I could see my son wanting to get right into playing so we left.

The first basket looked easy enough. It was a short straight throw with trees on each side of it. My son threw first and it went pretty well down the center and landed fairly close to the basket.

I went next, itching to try out my new disk. I announced, “Let’s see what this overstable bad boy can do!” and with that launched the disk forehand at about ¾ strength with a little anhyzer.

My son stammered, “Wait don’t throw...”

The disk was already in the air and it immediately flattened out and started to drift over hard right. REALLY hard right. Way more than any “normal” disk would have. It ended up in the trees but I wasn’t too concerned about it and figured I would just walk over and fetch it out of the rough and take a stroke.

My son ran over to where the disk landed looking frantic. I went over and looked at the side and there was a sheer drop off of over thirty feet with a river running by just past the trees.

Well, we looked around for it but there wasn’t much chance of finding it really and most likely it went into the river and sank or was headed out towards the bay. Oh well, that was one of the most expensive disk golf throws I’ve personally taken.

In hindsight perhaps spending a bit more time looking at the map might have been helpful, LOL. But who would have thought that they would have put the most dangerous water hazard as the first basket on the course? That seems a bit cruel and unusual to me, (especially to older, slightly near sighted people who don’t always wear their glasses). The cracked egg under the goose picture on the front of the disk makes more sense to me now. It was kind of a fun disk to throw but I probably won’t be buying any more of those kind of disks for a while. Maybe a little toooo overstable for my liking. :D

Nether of us really liked the course much. My son lost one of his disks near another water hazard area and we both looked for it for more than an hour. He ended up finding it but we decided to head back at that point.

Later that evening we played in our favorite course and I looked up fondly at my favorite blue Colossus disk still stuck in the ball park sign. One of these days I’m going to get another one of those disks...

Special thanks to @old-guy-photos for hosting monochromemonday.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 10/22/2018 lightsplasher & litesplasher.


Wow Excellent photography. looking for sun. that is great experience.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Thanks, the sun-rays were very interesting looking that morning.

Great photos and you're right, this sunrise is a great start to a day that can really be a great day for a game of golf! Thank you @lightsplasher

Oh yes @lightsplasher, it was always nice for me to see the dawn, when the sun rises from the horizon and these beautiful photos reminded me of it!

You made a good shot of the morning sun @lightsplasher
I am glad that you had a quality time with your son.
Maybe you can make your own disks for your games? Just to be able to save some money in buying the disks yourself?

Thank you. Making your own disks is kind of an interesting idea. I wonder if you could print one out on a 3D printer? I can think of lots of cool custom designs. In general the plastics that are used for the disks are specialized for flexibility and durability though. I'm not sure if a 3D printed one would hold up well but maybe you could coat it with something after you print it out.

Maybe wood might be an option but I'm not a woodworker. Or possibly hammered metal sheeting and thick paper rims? I'm not sure if that would be safe to be throwing around the park though.

Beautiful photos and what a fun day! A friend in Texas waded into one of the water hazards on his disc golf course when the water was low, and he retrieved over 20 discs. Some were marked and he returned the ones that he could. Sounds like a hazardous sport!

Oh man, it is so much fun, but you do have to deal with lost disks and water hazards. There are a few courses out there where all the disks collect and get exposed when the water is low. It is nice that your friend returned the disks that he could. I don't usually mark mine unless I really like them. That way people don't feel so obligated to return it if they find it. What might be cool is having a little tag that you could register with the factory to pay for shipping to you if it is lost. That way people could just put the lost ones in a mailbox to return them if they are tagged, kind of like lost sets of keys. They are really not that expensive to replace though, so I'm not sure if it would be worth the effort unless it was a favorite disk.

Wow, mystery light!

Yes it sure was! The fog can look very interesting around here sometimes.

Nice! I love it so much :)

That is really poor planning to have a water hazard so close and no net to try to save the disks! What a bummer on the first throw! At least in a tree you can get a chance of getting it back. Always fun to see you in the tag!

Yes, it was a life lesson to not throw a brand new unfamiliar disk on an unfamiliar course. I should know these things by now but it is something to laugh about I suppose. 😁

Very good photography, my dear, this is really beautiful, with its light, so good ... (how are you dear, are you healthy)

Thank you, I'm doing fine. Healthy at this time. How are you?

thank goodness if you are okay, i am worried about your situation yesterday ,, (i am also okay dear)

Beautiful light patterns from the sun. This is a great photo capture of , I really like it @lightsplasher / or @litesplasher.

Thank you, the sun rays came out well on the photo but really need the full 3D effect to be realistically shown.

Wow, it is very pleasing to friends, the sun's rays are very beautiful, but in my opinion, from this morning's solar image, I prefer the original image, because the original image is seen like lines in the sky, beautiful photography, and I really like the way friends distinguish original images with black and white images, it's really fun my friend @lightsplasher.

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