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in monochromemonday •  7 days ago

Hallo liebe Steemians, Hello dear Steemains

Berliner Dom I 

Das ist mein Beitrag bei der Montags Monochromeherausforderung von @old-guy-photos.  Ich durfte mit team @hilarski einen wunderschönen Tag verbringen. Hier haben wir den Berliner Dom besucht. 

This is my contribution in the  Monochrome Mondays Challenge by @old-guy-photos.  I have been lucky and spent a beautiful day with team @hilarski. Here we habe been visiting Berlin Cathedral.



Pansonic DMC-LX 100 edited in black & white   

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Thank you so much Jo!!! Resteemed the photos are beautiful.


I am glad that you like them Ana. Thank you very much :-)
Best greetings from Berlin.

My wife is so freaking cute!


and so smart too :-) You are really a lucky man.

Resteemed :) Wunderschöne Aufnahmen von @anahilarski <3

I like the low perspective on the top shot!

great content

excellent photography

Amazing photo...nice monochrome...great post..and have a nice day..

This is amazing photography.
Thanks @lichtblick
Have a nice day

Excellent photography
100% like and resteem

Beautiful picture

the berlin beauty in black and white.

I like your photos, I hope one day to visit this place too

Real great photos my friend

nice photo
good work

That is really look. nice photo
(((( Resteem Service)))))

Schöne Bilder, ich ich sollte auch wieder mal nach Berlin fahren. Ich habe da längst noch nicht alles gesehen.

Ach in schwarz weiß sieht irgendwie immer alles besser aus!
Sehen wir uns morgen abend beim Steemit meetup?

wow very beautifull photo 😍

Nice photos! I was curious how does it look inside. Now I know :)

Its an awesome photography

This is beautiful, I love cathedrals and spiritual meanings @lichtblick

Ja der Dom ist absolut sehenswert .... u&r

your pictures are quite beautiful and I myself would love to visit that place one day. plus the black and white filter makes it stand out.keep it up.

Sehr schöne Momente eingefangen @lichtblick ;)

Awesome pro clicks, 👍

Wonderful photography
Upvote Resteem

Awesome shots! Have fun

Sehr schöne Aufnahmen, ich muss echt mal nach Berlin kommen :)
Aber ohne Hilfe wüsst ich vermutlich gar nicht, was ich mir am besten angucken soll :)

Nice black & white photography @lichtblick.

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Extra nice :-)

damm that's really amazing