📷 Monochrome Monday: Bubbles Everywhere!

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Photos taken by @janusface on January 29 2018 with a Huawei Honor 5X (no editing)

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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In monochrome category those photography are wonderful! The street scenery in Monochrome! It's pretty amazing!


Watch your step bro, madness on those streets!:)

Hello @janusface,

Extraordinary good Monochrome photo collection. Incredible article.


Amazign poste @janusface .
It was nice pictures, it seemed to be a great effort and a high precision made to pick it up, my greetings to you.

Wow very beautiful photography and it is nce look.
thanks @janusface
Have a great day

nice photografhy ice bubbles looking good .

Excellent photos and very interesting phenomenon, probably this is some kind of defect in photographing or anomaly. Thank you @janusface

Photos were very impressive from Huawei X5 phone , I also have a phone Huawei P9 frankly available camera is have a wonderful qualifications . And of course you can not forget to touch your professional in capturing all those wonderful pictures .

I still do not understand, these white balls, is it snow?

@janusface...wow really a very nice photography...looking awesome..in that black snd white backround also the photo snd that images looking clear and beautiful..thank you for sharing with us...

amazing this photos and Great artistic sense , thank you for sharing [email protected] janusface

I love these pics for my viewing pleasure @janusface

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Did you blow those bubbles for the pictures or is there something I'm missing? Are they actually bubbles? Or something else?

thanks for the beautiful pictures. @janusface

impressive photography as monocrhome monday bw color theme photography. excellent post @janusface


Its nice. Good post. Thanks if you visit back my blog @jfrud.

Is this Norway street @janusface? Bubbles everywhere i see now. Good part of monochrome photography. Street was cleared but also snow everywhere. Great catches.

Pretty awesome shots in monochrome colours this is looking so beautiful :)

nostalgia to live. people who love to play with photography are usually black and white photographers, because printing of color photographs is not so common at home. it is an unforgettable pleasure to see how the movies that you turn into the dark room for hours are reflected in the paper.

Very interesting post,

Nice photography @janusface

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