Monochrome Monday - The Horror Movie Monkey Pod Tree !!

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One thing i love doing on my weekends is to get out and discover different parks around Bangkok and believe me there are many parks in the city of Bangkok. This park called JJ Park in Bangkok i discover not long ago and it's a huge area of park land i have been back there twice now and have spent several hours walking around this park and i still i haven't seen it all. This scene i discovered and captured last weekend i actually thought or yeah more Banyan trees but no these ones they call Albizia Saman Tree it is a species of flowering tree in the pea family called Fabaceae.





When first looking at this tree i thought this would be perfect scenery for a scary horror movie the way those roots are crawling out of them trees in every direction possible ready to grab you and swallow you up into that trunk never to be seen again. It's just amazing the way those roots are all connected leading somewhere like a big brother network.




Apart from this looking like a horror tree it does have multiple uses it is a very good timber for it's light wieght soft but strong it is very ideal for furniture , panelling and carving. It's a very moderately durable wood even used in boat building because it's very durable against rot and termites.





This tree even has a amount of medical uses also like the liquids extracted from the inner bark and fresh leaves are used to help with treatment for diarrhoea and stomach-ache and the bark itself is abundant source of gums and resins.




Another amazing thing about this tree it blooms in certain season throwing out beautiful puffs of pink flowers and the actual seeds of this flower are chewed for treating a sore throats so we know now why they call it the multipurpose tree apart from all the other names this tree has and why it is also known as the Monkey Pod Tree is because the monkeys gather around these trees to eat the seed pods of the trees that would be in the Amazon jungle where these trees originated from.




So you see as they say never judge a book by it's cover well never judge a tree by it's cover this tree in truly ugly and scary looking but look at all the useful aspects it has it wants to make you really love this particular tree.





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Wow, what do I see here my friend? Are you using bots? :)

Well i have found a couple that do return a profit not like others :)

Ma perché Angelo? :D

Haha...sometimes if it works use it the odds are good in this :)

I've never used a bot :)

Indeed, that's a horror scenery. Such an interesting tree. I would love to see some color shots of it and, especially, when it blooms. 🙂

They certianly would be a good scene in a horror movie very creepy looking i do want to go back and see them when they are in full bloom this is what the flower from the seed looks like image the tree full of that color.... i got this picture from google to show you :)


Such a beautiful flower. You MUST return to that park and photograph this tree when in bloom.
You are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful plants. I so envy you. 🙂

Oh thank you i have been told this tree comes into full bloom around Christmas time so i will have to make a trip to this park around later Dec to check it out :)

Now this would make a nice Christmas tree. No need for decorations or lights...just admire Mother Nature's work of art. 🙂

It definitely would be amazing sight to see :)

These trees, especially their roots are stunning :)
You are right, this place would be perfect for the set of a scary horror movie :)

Definitely a amazing tree and useful in many ways and the flower that blooms on this tree takes all the horror look away from them :)

Oh, this is so awesome, my friend! This is a real horror show, just in time to put out for Halloween!

These trees are epic and your shots really are awesome! :)

Good Monday morning!

I just edited to let you know that I recognize the trees flowers... I cannot believe that is the same tree! Wow! So beautiful!

Thank you my friend ...Oh yeah Halloween around the corner omg where did this year go.

Apparently there are a few trees that look the same as this one and bare the similar flower i would like to go back and photograph the flowers when this tree comes into full bloom which i have been told it happens at Christmas time.

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