Mono Chrome Monday A Beautiful Rose

Good Monday everyone! Sorry I have been absent! I would like to share with you a new bloom from my personal garden.

This rose is from my "Love" Rose Bush. I have been putting old banana peels and spent coffee grounds in the soil mix to get such luscious blooms!


All photos are taken by me on my Nikon D3400.

Thanks for Viewing... Have a GREAT MONDAY EVERYONE!
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Such a pretty shot! Love how you caught those drops of water :) What made you start your growing your 'Love' rose bush?

My task is gardening in the front yard my husband's is the back yard!!! These were such amazing roses and I can have year round color!

Roses are so awesome. My old neighborhood had so many rose bushes along the sidewalk. When they were in bloom, that scent was heavenly. Always tried to stop and smell them every time I walked by :) There's something about fresh flowers that brings a smile to almost everyones face. People with allergies, likely not so much, hehe.

That is what claritin is for lol!!!!

That is a beautiful shot!

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this is super beautiful..its been long time l saw you post..good to see this @deadgrlsuppastar

Thanks woody!!! I can't wait til summer.. just got an underwater digital camera in yesterday!

Oh Thats awesome. Im looking into getting me a 4K camera Drone. I found one that can go 1/4 mile up so I hope to get some spectacular video of the countryside here. Change things up a bit this year.

Awesome can't wait to see!!!

That's very nice Liz, upvoted of course.

What a lovely rose, but you feed it spent coffee? - I'd better be careful I don't want to end buried in your rose beds 😱

Yes lol.. coffee provides a bunch of nutrients for flowers..

Tis is such a beautiful rose image @deadgrlsuppastar I’ve never heard of using banana peels and coffee grounds in the soil to aid their growth. The banana skins would’ve provide potassium I suppose and I’m not sure what benefits the coffee grounds provide....... it it’s all very interesting. 😊

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