Decent strategy that can keep you safe finacially

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In the resent of world economy the 21 rst generation is more and more getting into world new system of everything is online, you can find a doctor online, knowledge is at our finger tips, which also changes the traditional jobs of 8am to 5pm, we can do almost everything online, , the new system has brought closer the world of stock trading closer to us, there is a low to which we have been able to to do with it, and to it , with experience you can be able to make some good cool living and even find yourself easily a millionaire in 5 years . one way of doing it is to define your wealth with pips. a million dollars is 1 millions pips, which in other terms is a market point. however a market point is worth more or less depending on the investment, for example , if I make a deposit of 50 as the working capital , my market value will be around 0.1 or 10 cents per point, how ever you can easily get 5 points that makes it 50 cents, now if you double that to another 50usd, then your market point will be worth 20 cents making it easy 1 usd, and if you getting another 50 usd you can easy compound it getting 1.5 usd per ever complete transaction now that seems a little bit far fetched but its not , with a compounded profit, you can easily get to 1000, 10,000 , 100,000 and to your 1,000,000. it might take some time but its totally worth it. hope I get to see you again to explain in deep the how to get the 5 market points and how even you can do it without even a single cent spent from your pocket. @monjan

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