Money Token Distribution Important Update !

in moneytoken •  6 months ago

Hello Friends Here is important update on money token distribution which you all were waiting for .
Watch this video below and video description has one more video link which is from CEO of money token who is updating himself about everything that is going on in MONEY TOKEN .

Wish You Success,
Sumit kapoor
(Money Guru )

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About money token very informative information sir pls share your ideas to improve our work in carypto currancys thanks to share this video

I was just waiting for this news. So happy to hear this.

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Thank you sir for providing the latest news of Money Token

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Awaiting for this news and happy to hear about it finally.


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sir good video

Money Token Coins really different ICO.

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I watch most of your videos. I am seriously following you. Thank you for making us confident to earn online.

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But Brother, What, if Crypto/Indian Exchanges will BAN in India by 5th July.

We will just paying transactions fees to Exchanges for moving our coins.

great work power of steem it..self confidence.jpg

Thanks for the information... You are the first time one to update the Indian community. Keep up the great work .. Love U bro!!

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Wish you all the very best to become successful on steemit:)

ya this update might make all invester calm .
but still waithing for grand hit on this ico

Nice for we

Sir, Good Video

important update on money token distribution


good project

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money token high hi projet

I hope so whatever you said come true soon. There is big problem of hacking. Lots of time goes weste. Whenever something looks good hacker alwasy take part in those things first. I wish wait periods become too small.

This is too good awsome