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Professor was giving lectures on the most important topic, as soon as he turned a student to a student writing on a thumb black.
The professor shouted and asked, "Whoever is dead is not ready to respond." You kept the pen pocket and kept it in the pocket and said, My lecture reached its end and it's just enough for today.
Then he spared a bit, keeping the register back, let's tell you a story so that the time for the pads to be completed.
He said: I tried a lot of time to sleep but sleep was far away. It is thought that by going to the car, petrol diesel so that some uncomfortable time consumes at this time, golden mode is finished and I should avoid this difficulty in early morning.
Then I pulled the petrol and started driving in the same area in the same area.
After enough collapse, my car looked at a girl standing on the street, young and beautiful, but she was feeling well, seemed to be coming from a party.
I stopped going with the car and asked, Should I leave you home?
It is said: If you do so, it will be very kind, I can not find the ride on this night.
The girl sat with me on the next set, the conversation used to be very decent and decent, every subject had complete intercourse and queen, as there was a great combination of knowledge and culture.
When I came to her house, she acknowledged that she did not see a person like me and a healthy person, and her heart has become love for me.
I also told her clearly, that you are also a mastermind woman, I have loved you too. Along with that I told him that I am a professor in Unity, PhD is a useful person for the community community. The girl asked for my telephone number that I called her.
After listening to my university, he said happily; I have a request from you.
I said, not request, order.
It is said, one of my brothers reads in your university, I request you to take care of it.
I said; This is not a big deal, you can tell her name.
It is said, I do not tell her name but tell you a sign, you will soon recognize it.
I said; What is that special sign, from which I will recognize it?
She says; she likes to hit sets.
Prof. Sahib had so much to say that every student of the class was unintentionally upset by the boy who had been killed.
Professor Sahib said to the boy, "Get up, do you think I've stole this phD degree grass?"


Uhm ok, Thanks I guess..... Not really related but if I read sideways it works.