How to Earn Online and Offline at LEEnjoy

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Today we will continue our talk about the model of earning at LEENjoy project. Some people still don't understand how it is possible to learn both - online and offline with other LEEnjoy community members. Now you will get some more detailed instructions and clear explanation.


Let's start from offline variants. There are much more of them, but we can name 3 mains now and then add step by step in future publications.

- Offline Shop
- Advertising Agency
- Business Consultation

Offline Shop. It is very easy. No need to rent even a big place for it. You just start from your home small store. Maybe it is hard to believe, but absolutely every one of your friends and visitors, seeing healthy life products will ask: "What is that all about?" And then you will have just to explain them and step-by-step to increase your store to the sizes of a shop.

Advertising Agency. One day you will feel that you have a big amount of your own media to promote anything locally offline. You will also have a nice collection of small budget traffic sources for promotion etc. So, you will be able to advertise and to earn this way absolutely not bad money.

Business Consultation. Some clients will prefer to get more details about the way you earn, and they will be ready to pay for your time and personal meetings.


You can earn with LEEnjoy as

- Blogger/Reseller
- Publisher
- Influencer

Blogger or Reseller. You can resell online courses and healthy life products via your blog or personal website, sharing with readers personal experience, interesting details, feedbacks, testimonials, opinions, inside information etc.

Publisher. When your blog or website is promoted enough and has at least 1 million unique visits as Levelnaut, for example, you can start earning as a publisher. If you choose another category of products and a narrower niche, there will even no need in a big number of visits. Advertising agencies will buy your media place and pay for each publication.

Influencer. Soon the number of your readers, followers, subscribers will be really significant (hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions) and you will deal as a kind of online advertising agency.

"What about expenses?" - you can ask. They obligatorily will be. You will have to buy products for your store/shop, you will have to buy online traffic and small budget places to advertise your own media effectively. Probably no one will share with you his own list of media and for sure no one will share his list of small budget traffic sources. This information costs money. But you can exchange it with other community members.

So, what you should do first if this information sounds interesting, you want to join and get more details. You should do just two steps.

First. To join LEEnjoy Health Club by registering in this website and to join any of our LEENjoy groups and chats in order to exchange information with other community members.

LEENjoy groups and chats


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We highly recommend you follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information. More useful information you can find here Levelnaut


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