10 Must Do Activities in Affiliate Marketing

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Frankly, affiliate marketers do not share their tips and secretes too much eagerly. Why? it is very easy - tips and secrets in affiliate marketing mean money and time, which they had spent to find or to discover these tips and secrets. Is it a good idea to share your money? You can try to answer the question yourselves.

Anyway, you will find 10 Must Do Activities in Affiliate Marketing (which you can also name "tips or secrets") in this article. Read it to the end in order to understand why I am sharing this information.

So, according to my personal experience, there are 10 Main Must do activities in affiliate marketing. The key word here is "main", because there are much more others, but not so important. So, let me name them first and then explain detailly:

- Learning
- Training
- Searching
- Analyzing
- Planning
- Networking
- Communicating
- Motivating
- Creating
- Sharing

Now, let's talk about each of them one by one.

Learning. No matter what level of marketer you are. Even being a guru, you understand that there are a lot of things, that you don't know properly. Taking any marketing, or SEO, or any other business course, you will obligatory find something, new, something special, something useful for your business. It could be at least an idea, but still, it worth of learning.

Training. It is very easy. If you don't train your leads, you cannot be a leader. If you are not a leader, you will not succeed. And it is possible to move on in affiliate marketing, but it is very hard to do it without any team, without your friends and business partners support and exchange of useful information.

Searching. Searching is a constant process in affiliate marketing. You should never stop searching the best sources of traffic. If you stop doing it one day, you will start losing. It is a rule of affiliate marketing, and everyone will prove it.

Analyzing. Searching without analyzing is useless. I mean not only wasting of your financial budget, but your lifetime too.

Planning. Disappointment in affiliate marketing often is the sequence of not correct planning and analyzing. So, as you see, all things in this business are connected one to each other. Plan your time, plan your expenses, plan everything and you will have better chances to avoid disappointment.

Networking. Most of your potential leads want "to get rich", "to earn more money", "to have an additional passive income" etc. But in reality, they spent hours chatting with internet trolls (who earn money by the way) and wasting all the chances to succeed. You should have enough time and patience for networking as it is a mandatory field of work for any affiliate marketer.

Communicating. Networking doesn't mean regular spamming. It is very hard to get leads, without communicating with people, without clearing up their real aims, goals, interests and dreams, without discussing their business wins and failures, without motivating them.

Motivating. It is very important to motivate people and especially your potential leads. But, believe me, much more important to motivate yourself. You should concentrate on your even small victories, on personal achievements, on positive in life. And, of course, to motivate others. One of my friends, secretly had bought one of courses which I offered in my blog. This way he motivated me to at least half a year active work, I was sure from the first steps, that "someone is interested in what I am doing".

Creating. Try to be creative as much as possible. Care about your brand and internet reputation. Don't be afraid of experiments, but don't go one doing useless things. Creativity can help you a lot one day. For example, you can easily find words LEEnjoy or Levelnaut in Google search, though you cannot find them in Webster Dictionary ;-)

Sharing. Yes, and "sharing" is in my list too. And it is not because of some special moral dogmas. Everything is very easy, sharing something useful or helpful, you get one day something useful and helpful back. It is not just words. It really works. Good luck!

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