Cheetah Report for 2018.07.18

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Cheetah is an informative robot that might comment on your post. If she does, she will claim that she found similar content somewhere else on the web. This is because you likely copy and pasted some form of content -- whether it be your own or not. This is not an accusation of wrongdoing, but merely an informative comment for the reader.

For more information on Cheetah:
The Cheetah FAQ.
For more information on content sharing:
Adding Value to Steemit through Sharing.
When is sharing another contributor's content appropriate?
Why Cite Sources?
Plagiarism Guide.
Report for Cheetah comments on 2018.07.18:
Num Author Steemit Post Similar Content
1 @mfmbrothers Post Content
2 @pranksters Post Content
3 @gopal.pawar Post Content
4 @andy212 Post Content
5 @prabhurandhir04 Post Content
6 @mudassarhussain Post Content
7 @vlada058 Post Content
8 @lyssenko Post Content


Great post. they say that the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.

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