Introduction On Steemit - Who Is Sumit kapoor & How I Became Money Guru !

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This is the video which will tell you my life complete story from 0 to success and how i did all struggle and still survived with all the downfalls in my life .

It can be biggest motivation for your life make sure that you watch this video and comment me what you feel after you watch this complete video .


nice post


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Apke post mujhe bahut accha laga,,,

wao great story ma bi ap ki tarah banna chahta ho sir

Work hard you will be successful for sure

Sir thanks best ernining plan steem 🙋🙋

@sumit sir apke vidios me pichhle 2 saal se follow kr rha hu sir plz aap mari post votes and comment kra plz

let me know sumit sir how can we upload video on steemit just like you

mgsc let me know sir how can i upload my video on steemit

we r here to help each other by following and upvoting...

U r gr8 sir..if u promoting steemit.. thats very good sir our community of india can change anything...but sir if u hve contact with any steem one ..tell them website is very very slow..fb ..twitter much faster ..

Welcome steemian.

Steemit is Revolution of Social Network Which is Based on Blockchain Technology.........May Be Next Facbook

Sir we can create huge community of ours indian .
.u have 3 lakh above subsriber

Welcome on steemit.Do well.

will try my best

Keep Steeming Upvoting & Following..!!!

Great work sir you are awesome loads of love

Welcome on steemit.

Upvoted , thanks to share this platform to Indian community see my account and follow

Gd idea sir , unique idea for earning

I sir, I have been working here since last 7 days. Now I feel way better because you're here to teach us.

Keep Steeming Upvoting & Following..!!!

nice Work !!

Good sir ji follow me

super video about steemit earning . Hope we all will earn more than 10k from next month onwards .

hi sir this is great

Thanks Money Guru for this good platform to earn money...

Welcome on steemit.Do well.

i am following every person who following you....

Welcome on steemit.

Thank you for joining steemit sir
I had made an account on steemit in January but wasn't using it now that you are here I'll work on it regularly :)

Your story is an inspiration for all. Whenever there is tension regarding any decision on this field I just have a look at your video.. filled with inspiration and motivation. Mind fresh Kar dete ho sir.. keep rocking..

Welcome.Do well.


Welcome on steemit.Do well.

Hi dear, great job

That's how one become successful!!

Welcome on steemit money guru.Happy to see you here.
Join my discord channel or create yours i will join you.

Can you helf me

Sure.Tell me what kind of help you require.

I dont know how to use thise side how to use any video or thex

I am not getting your point dear. please be clear, what you are saying ? Or join me on discord.

Anyway thank


Thank you ji.

hello sir its nitishgoyalstar sir its my steemit account i support your all earning ideas always

Welcome on steemit.

one of my friend told me about your channel , now i am telling others
keep it up bro

Bhai, Nice information

Welcome on steemit.

sir you are really genius from your idea incantation earn enough money to buy my laptop .Thank you so. Much

great video sir & thakuu for all sir..

Hi sumit kapoor I am @KantZone from india. recently I seen your video in youtube and i am a your subscriber since 1 year. In this video. are you explain how to sign up in steemit but sign up process take more than 1 month and after created one account with 15 steempower delegation from official steem account (delegation means borrow). so it's totally account price is 1500INR. and if you buy account from another site. it's price is 5 steem (500-600INR estimated) and get only 5 steem power in buyed account. so come to the main point. I started my service by paytm for selling steem account. I create your account for 300INR and gives you 15 steem power for 2 months. and gives you name choice (if available). and account created within 2-3 hours. so can you say my service to your subscriber in your next steemit video. and I am a from gujarat. you can contact me at telegram

A very warm welcome Sumit bhai. Very happy to see you on Steemit. I just love the idea of creating a network so big that each of our Indian fellows can now earn money on steemit.
Just keep doing this good work. We all are with you always.
Love you bro.
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This is great ...i am new help me to gain

From Rags to Riches ........
It takes nerves to do this kind of job. Not everybody is successful and fit to do it. You deserve a salute.
Your biography will act as a motivation for others.
Well done brother.

His efforts are not only enriching himself but also fulfilling the dreams of others.

i had made my steemit id in april but not using it after watching your video now i had decided to use it and make a habit to use steemit instead of looking only at CMC.

welcome sir ....welcome all my indian friends .

Follow back

Good posts . Lets follow each other for great success

sir steemit ke new account me earning kam hota he kya?? @moneyguruu

Sumit Kapoor is the true Money Guru. His tips are absolutely fantastic, whether it be in terms of Cryptocurrency or other work from home ideas. If you are a follower of Money Guru, Vote for my post.

Great work sir

Good Evening sir ,sir me kisi or ka video steemt mp post kr sakta hu kya

Most Welcome sir!

Being frank I am your huge fan. You are more of a Mentor to me. You have helped me a lot in cryptocurrency. RESPECT BUDDY! I
I will always support you in any initiative that you decide to take :)

Thanks for such lovely support as always . This is only what motivates me to keep working for all mate :)

welcome to steemit...keep following and upvoting each other !!

Nice Idea Sumit

follow me back plz

welcome on steemit....keep upvoting and follow back..:)

great to see you here sumit, always loved your videos.

Bhai main tab se follow kar Raha ho jab 20,000 subscribe. The I like your video

I saw your video on and joined.i follow you.but how others will follow me?

U r very knowledgeable person

well done Sumit sir, Nice Motivating Story

Hiii ...Great Work BHai

SUMITKAPOOR sir you are always my inspiration

Good Initiative sumitji
well done

Btc go down again what will do

Hope everything will be good here...

It's really a great story.. Hats off to your 'never give up' attitude Sumit! God bless you and always keep up the good work!

Bhai sumit mere posts par views nahi badh rahe hai kya karun? Please make a video on this.

sumit bhai join kr liya aap ko and follow bhi..

Great to see here Sumit

like this if u came from his youtube channel me already joined fb group and folled him here :) lets grow everyone

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Hello Sir....
Just joined steemit after watching you youtube video today morning.

Motivational blog.

guys we have to follow each other to increase followers.

very nice post sir I joined in your group

Thanks sir to motivate us. You really always inspire me. may God bless you and you become real guru of money.

nice to see
also check my post..

Sumit Kapoor ji is an inspirational figure among youtubers and crypto traders. His recent video on Steemit opportunity caught my attention and i have joined it. I have no knowledge of blog posting or article writing. No knowledge of crypto trading either. Just by following his tips i am moving ahead. Thanks to him for inspiring people like me.

Like this !

Sir you are the best

Great Story Bro... Good Luck for you....

Sir please follow me.

great work sir

thank you for your help and support

Bhai I forget to tell one thing please tell viewers that anybody commenting on your post that you will get free sps click on the link below or you will get sps in cheaper price then it's 100% fake, when you open that link they will tell you to type your username and password and when you type your username and I'd your username and password has reached to that scammer and after few minutes of that your accounts get hacked

Yes dear pls check your post as well i have commented there for you . And leave your number there as i would like to learn lot of steem hacks myself so i can help my audience to earn max from this platform .

+91 9867830725 sir, this number of mine is available on my WhatsApp also, if you need any kind of information regarding steemit I'm able to receive the message on this number too:), I had given this same number on the reply of previous comment:)

Aap Ko contact kiya he whtup pe

Hii bejiye vapas se number delete hogaya hai:)

never upload your number publicaly,

Yes, but the number you are talking about is bank account number, Aadhar number, ATM card, credit card,

Have a look at the comment, I have given my phone number:)
And sharing phone number is nothing wrong.

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