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We have put together a User Story and visual to help you understand why the ZFX Sentiment engine will be so valuable once it comes online! For more information come join us on our discord https://discord.gg/YyCXPBG or visit our Token Sale launch page at http://www.zfxtoken.com/

User Story

Ralph and June are institutional traders and recognize that adding an alpha-generating signal to their current data feeds will give them a competitive advantage. They discover the ZFX Sentiment Engine and find it to be highly valuable in alerting them to the shifting trends in retail trading sentiment.

With real-time alerts, they’re able to exponentially increase their insight - moving away from standard insights that were previously only accessible on a weekly basis.

They purchase ZFX Tokens from an ERC20 exchange and subscribe to the ZFX Sentiment Engine. Ralph uses the provided user interface while June opts to build the Sentiment Engine into her trading algorithm via the Engine’s API.

Leveraging the Sentiment Engine to profitability, their monthly Sentiment Engine fee is paid for in ZFX and is distributed to the ZFX platform users who initially contributed to the sentiment data.

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