Short stories #5

in money •  16 days ago 


Once a time, a king wanted to reward someone of his citizens. The king thus send a messenger so as to inform the rewarded person that he would be given every territory he crossed on foot. And that these territories would forever be his own. The man went insanely happy after hearing such thing. He started to run west the kingdom like a crazy person, he has walked on foot for so long to that he got exhausted. He kept walking nonetheless in order to have more and more lands. However this time, he became so tired and his feet were hurting so much. He thought in going back so that the king give him these wide territories. But, he soon changed his mind. In fact, the greed he had didn't stop him at this point. The greedy man walked and walked without even having some rest. It's been 5 days and the man was still walking. Unfortunately, he lost his way, and he passed away because of the high efforts. Now, he's gone away without having one part of the wide territories, without feeling happy as well.

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