The Economy Is Dead, A New Currency Will Replace The Old:David Quinteiri

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David Quintieri, he is best known for his book The Money GPS, he is the owner and creator of the YouTube channel and website David discusses the economy on how many of the economic indicators are deteriorating and how we are seeing signs that we saw prior to the 2008 great recession crisis. The central banks create these types of debt crisis to have countries sell off their assets to keep the country operational.

The corporate media reports on how well the economy is doing but in reality it is the same as it was back in 2008. People are in more debt than ever before but as housing market increases, people are taking out the equity to pay of their debt, but when the bubble finally pops it will all fall apart. The economy is basically dead and there will be a new currency to replace the old one. Governments are now looking at cryptocurrencies, Putin has met with the ethereum developer to talk about block chain technology in Russia.

David believes it would be a bad idea for governments to take control of the crypto market. The crypto market should be open and decentralized, governments and central banks should not be involved. People piling into the crypto market are showing governments and central banks that they reject there system.

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Great to see the 2 people i follow together


agree on this. Although I enjoy listening to them both so by combing them I feel cheated out of getting two separate 15 minutes video's. Enjoyed it.

Good interview but I disagree with you on cryptocurrencies! They are going to keep pushing higher from here like you wouldn't believe! The bull market has just started!

Thank you for sharing these views. I think cryptocurrency has a future, but it is still the wild west out there. Good show.


It's so new at this point. Barely in its infancy

Another great interview Dave
Nobody works harder than David Quintieri , yourself and SGT in the truth community.
DQ helped me when I was waking up by responding to questions I had when I had no-one else I could ask.
What a genuinely great guy.
Keep it up Dave I've been listening since about Number 78 on X22 and I never miss any of them.
Check out my post. @tremendospercy


I'm always willing to help Thank you for reaching out.


I'll never forget it mate, thanks.

Couldn't agree more, people are sick of the banks manipulation


Not just the manipulation but they dont even offer a layer of honestly anymore they just dont care , they blatantly manipulate in plain sight and Know there is little to no consequence and care little of their reputations with the public anymore .


They're a leech. Feeding off of us

This is great! I subscribe to David's youtube channel and listen often. I'm glad you linked up with him for an interview. I haven't listened yet but will do so asap. Thanks for all you do Dave.


It was a good one!

Great the two of you! I have listened to you both for a long time on Youtube. I could never comment because I would not sign up on Youtube. I avoid Google everywhere I can. Yeah, I know they are in the background everywhere but I keep them out where ever I can. Thanks Dave & David!

But how will it replace it? Peacefully? Violently?

The old guard is unlikely to go down without a fight.


The old guard will adopt it and valorize it in their favor.
Like we hadn't seen similiar things throughout history. ;)


Humanity is subservient.

interesting view, new generations will always push us to new horizons. Time to adapt.


It's truly an interesting time.

Great interview!

Thank you for the great interview / post / report Brother Dave @x22report - can't wait to hear the mind-numbing double-speak to come out of the Fed today!

looking at the the chart there is room for bitcoin and crypto to fall at this time. It will level off, but this is a bad time I think to buy a coin. It would be wise I think to see where it will level off. Buy Low Sell High

pumping blood into a carcass; couldn't have put it more realistically than that

Simon Black just posted an article about the US Congress trying to pass a bill that would force people to track their own Bitcoin et al amounts over $10,000 with the same heavy restrictions on cash and "structuring".

So just as people try to escape the system, the system grows and mutates to keep its' grip on them.

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Thank You, Dave & David


Appreciate you watching

Watched this on YouTube, and I thought I'd see if I could find it on Steemit, yep, here it is. I'm new to steemit, so I'm going to have to get into the habit of login in. YouTube has notifications, so I don't miss X22Report. I don't think steemit does. Anyway, great interview. Instead of thumbs up, it's up vote? right?