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I would put my son's name on it so he can have something to fall back on in the event he needs it. He is nearly 3 years old and is all but diagnosed with autism (official diagnosis coming in 3 weeks). Our savings, our emergency fund, and all extra monies from our jobs go towards supporting him. It's very possible that he may be similar mentally in 20 years as he is today. As a parent, it's a constant thorn of worry that will never be extracted.


Not to sound shallow, but I have to admit, one of my biggest fears/worries about having children would be having one born with some kind of medical condition. Regardless of what it is, it always has a huge impact on the child's life, how they learn and interact with others, and how you take care of them. I don't blame you for giving it to your son, because you never know what could be coming down the road, even if it's something as simple as a sprained ankle from playing with other kids.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I hope that the diagnosis goes in your favor. :)

Honestly, at this point his diagnosis is just a formality. Much like being with someone for a decade without marrying them - the only difference is the formality of having a wedding, signing some papers, and putting on some jewelry.

Ah, I see. Well I'm sorry to hear that. The good news is your child will have loveing parents to support him! :D

It's all good. Nothing to be sorry for, really. Best kid I've ever known (probably because I'm a biased daddy lol), and I wouldn't trade how he is for anything. His future challenges are what worry me - but that's no different than any other parent.

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