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So @hercmagnus asked me how to send tips to fellow steemers. I didn't know either so here is what I found:

  1. Copy owner's name. (hercmagnus)
  2. Enter your own wallet.
  3. Decide to transfer "Steem Dollars" or "Steem" and click on the "Transfer" option next to your respective balance.
  4. Enter appropriate information (@hermagnus, 5 steem in this case) and press send.

Just like that, the money is transfered. Good luck to you hermagnus and any other users that find these four steps helpful!!! Steem on! ;-)
Here is Craig Grant's video on this topic:


Good job! Information we all would use. We should have a STEEMIT "how to" category that this type of information should be listed under.....or do we already have one?

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure how the categories are created. Anybody?

Are you kidding guy?

Hey there. Nice of you to do that for him. Can you throw some my way? :D
Just a Steemit beginner here who wants to make a difference. I will definitely pay it forward once I grow up.

Sure thing! Steemit tip sent your way! ;-)

Fantastic! Thank you so much for the tip @watershed!

You're welcome! Steem on!
Anybody else?

Is this the Italian Job on Steemit or what?

Thank you for writing this. Very new to site.